Planning 101 18th August 2014

Top 5 Wedding Photo Fails


Wedding photos are an essential part of the big day for pretty much all couples. They capture moments which can be treasured and lovingly looked back upon for years, and even generations to come, and they are usually are taken in a way which captures the personality and spirit of the day. Unfortunately though, if something goes wrong, the fateful moment will inevitably be captured, and probably be the subject of jokes long after the event. Here is a selection of the best wedding photo failures, which hopefully will not put you off when selecting a photographer for your big day.


In this clip, which has gone viral around the world, an unfortunately timed pier collapse sees the wedding party plunge into a cold lake, with onlookers including the photographer watching in horror as the drenched group emerges from the water.


On your wedding day, one of the last problems you expect to have to deal with is the photographer getting into a fight, but this is exactly what happened at this event. The poor wedding party look on in shock as one of the cameras is used as what can only be described as “a weapon”; very unprofessional indeed.


Here, the wedding photographer is the subject of the embarrassing event. So focused on capturing the perfect shot of the newly married couple walking down the aisle is he, that the poor photographer fails to realised he has reached the end of the aisle, where lies a very unfortunately placed water feature.


Sometimes, no matter what kind of photography you choose, events are just out of control for the photographer, and disguising a bad situation can be difficult. Here, it may be difficult for the greatest photographer to get a perfect shot of the bride, after the best man, who probably had a lot of people to answer to after this, took an unfortunate trip that resulted in a rather soggy bride.


In this clip, the clumsy photographer spoils his own shot by simply not watching where he is going, leaving it down to the bride and groom to help him to his feet, and it is all captured as the film is still rolling.