Planning 101 2nd May 2014

To Engrave or not to Engrave?

We’ve seen a lot of brides and grooms opt for engraving their wedding rings inside the band to create a personal touch, completely unique to them. There are various methods of engraving your rings- machine engraving, laser engraving and hand engraving and there are also different fonts to choose from. This post is designed to guide you through the process of selecting engraving on your wedding rings!

Types of Engraving

Using a machine to engrave on the inside of a ring is the route most couples choose and is an extremely precise method which looks ideal on precious metal such as platinum, palladium and white gold. An interesting fact about machine engraving is that it uses a diamond to engrave into the ring to achieve complete precision with what is being engraved. You can generally fit up to 25 characters engraved on the inside of a wedding band. Obviously engraving looks really good on rings that are wide, however we do engrave rings that are 2mm in width; less words and roman and helvetica fonts are better to use on this ring width.

Machine engraved wedding rings

Laser engraving is completed by a specialist machine, it appears much darker on precious metals and alternative alloys such as titanium and tungsten. You can have pretty much have anything laser engraved onto your wedding rings, even a stick man and stick women; an engraving a couple asked for recently!

Laser engraved wedding rings

Hand engraving is another option and is really an artist’s impression of the engraving you request, it isn’t as precise as machine or laser engraving. We mainly use hand engraving on engagement rings as they aren’t able to be inserted into the engraving machine due to the diamond.

Engraved wedding rings


There are different fonts to choose from for machine engraving: script font is popular and is extremely ornate which is ideal for couples looking for a classic representation for their engraving. Roman font is a bit like Times New Roman and is also another popular font to use, especially if couples want to have roman numerals within their engraving. Helvetica is an alternative modern font offered via machine and laser engraving, it’s a similar font to Arial.

Engraving Options

Probably the most common engraving option is the date of the wedding…just so no one forgets! This can be represented in different ways for example: ‘16th June 2014’ or ‘16.06.2014’, so it’s important to be specific so you get exactly what you want. You could also add your names into this too, for example ‘Kate and Chris 16.05.2014’.

Another popular choice is pet names and jokes or personal words you say to each other, for example ‘Pumpkin’ or ‘Sweet Cheeks’.

A popular new trend is having finger prints engraved onto either the inside or outside of your wedding bands; this is completed using the laser engraving method. Fingerprints are unlike other visible human characteristics, which can change over time, fingers prints are unique to you and are consistent throughout your life; much like your love for each other.

Song lyrics from your first dance or quotes from poems and films are also a really nice way of personalising your wedding bands. We have had a lot of weird and wonderful engravings and love seeing all the different things brides and grooms choose to engrave on their wedding rings.