Fashion & Jewellery 26th August 2016

The 10 Most Pinned Wedding Dresses of 2016

It's official; Pinterest have released the most pinned wedding dresses of 2016, and boy are they gorgeous. Stella York and Amelia Sposa both managed to grab 2 spots each on the list and we're pleased to see that old Naomi Neoh chestnut from 2014 still going strong! Have you pinned any of these? 

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1. Grace Loves Lace Hollie 2.0

2. DressShine Backless Ivory Dress 

dressshine dress

3. Amelia Sposa Dress 

amelia sposa wedding dress

4. Naomi Neoh ‘Clementine’ Dress 

naomi neoh

5.  Polinlvanova Etsy Keyhole Back Dress 

polinlvanova wedding dress

6. Stella York Spring 2016 

stella york wedding dress

7. Amelia Sposa Dress 

amelia sposa wedding dress

8. Alvina Valenta Dress

alvina valenta wedding dress

9. Stella York 2014 Summer

stella york wedding dress

10. Justin Alexander Dress

justin alexander wedding dress

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