Fashion & Jewellery 10th June 2021

How to Stay Composed While Asking for Her Hand in Marriage

Asking your girlfriend to marry you can be challenging. You don’t know if she will say yes. Even if you’re deeply in love with each other, there’s no guarantee that she will accept your proposal. You might be shaking days or even weeks before your planned proposal. Here are some tips to help you feel confident and composed. 

Give her the best ring 

Your girlfriend isn’t shallow to base her decision on the type of wedding ring that you give. However, it makes you feel at ease if you know that the ring is of excellent quality. It’s a piece of jewelry she will be proud of. Consider buying a diamond engagement ring at, and you will find tons of quality options. 

Find the perfect timing and venue

Prepare for the perfect place where you can pop the question. Some people have decided to ask in a public setting. The energy around them made them feel more confident. However, if you want the event to be private and intimate, find a different location. You also have to find an appropriate time to ask the question. Don’t force yourself to be on your knees yet unless you’re confident to ask. 

Prepare what to say

You can’t just pop the question out of nowhere. Set the mood first. Talk about your relationship and make your girlfriend realize how much you love each other. Once you already made her feel good, it’s time to ask. Make sure you know what to say. Create an outline to guide you. However, you can’t read everything on your note. It won’t sound natural anymore. It can be overwhelming, and you might not say the right words without a guide. 

Think about how you feel for her

The best way to feel confident is to realize how much you love her. You won’t decide to pop the question unless you know that she’s the one. Close your eyes and imagine your life without her by your side. If you can’t picture it, you found the right one. You won’t mess it up, or you will lose the opportunity to be with her forever. 

Look good

Again, she’s not shallow to say yes because of your appearance, but it matters. It’s a special day, so you should prepare yourself. You will also take photos to mark the moment. You don’t want to look back at your engagement several years later and realize how terrible your appearance was. 

Think positive

Don’t try to be ahead of yourself. When you keep thinking about what would happen next or how your girlfriend might respond, you will feel nervous. The thought that she will reject your proposal alone is enough to make you fall apart. Be positive and savor the moment. If she says yes, you can celebrate. If not, you have enough time to worry about it later.

Hopefully, the proposal will be successful, and you can spend the rest of your life together. 

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