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Choosing the Perfect Bridal Earrings


The single, most important accessory for your wedding day – the bridal earrings! But how do you make sure you choose the perfect bridal earrings to complement your wedding gown? There are so many things to consider including style – are you going to opt for vintage or contemporary, shape – will you choose a chandelier, drop or stud design and length – will you opt for short and simple or long, statement drops. Here are some of our ideas for helping you to choose the perfect pair.   

Vintage or Contemporary:

The most important choice for bridal earrings is the style or era they convey. A pair of utterly vintage earrings may be ideal to uplift a plain, classic and add interest but a pair of modern earrings might completely clash with a delicate, lace vintage-style gown. We suggest looking for the following features when opting for vintage-style earrings:  antique silver or gold plating, baguette crystals, pave set crystal stones, vintage-style scrolls, intricate detailing or pearls.  Modern earrings are the obvious choice for a contemporary or classic gown with sleek lines, fishtail or train and maybe even to enhance a coloured wedding dress. Consider teardrop stones as they are always timeless, opt for clear crystal which sparkles the most and choose man-made pearls over freshwater pearls.     

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Chandelier, Drop or Stud Earrings:

The shape of bridal earrings which you choose will depend on which style of earrings you are used to wearing and also how much of a statement you want to create with your overall look. A large, wide and detailed chandelier earrings style is the most glamorous choice if your gown is plain, contemporary, red-carpet in styling or has crystal embellishment or intricate detailing which you want to accent with your jewellery. Chandelier earrings are perfect if you are used to wearing plenty of large accessories and really want to add sparkle to your wedding look. Drop bridal earrings are the sophisticated choice for the bride who wants to keep her look elegant and stylish. Long or medium drop earrings will suit almost any style of wedding gown and is a great choice if you want to look special on your wedding day but don’t want to overdo it with statement bling. Drop earrings are usually crystal or a mix of pearl and crystal to accent a vintage-style gown. Studs are the ideal choice for the bride who wants to keep it understated and simple. If you aren’t used to wearing any jewellery at all, this is the ‘safest’ option as it will not change your overall style. Opt for a pair of plain, simple studs or something more elaborate from the Ivory and CO range which provides brides with a choice of hundreds of stud options from intricate deco feathers to luxurious square shaped beauties!   

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Short or Long Drop Earrings:

For the bride who doesn’t usually wear earrings, a very short drop style is usually the best option. There are plenty of extremely delicate and pretty wedding earrings styles with tiny pearl droplets and crystal detail which look utterly chic with almost any style of wedding gown. If you’re opting for a Hollywood inspired finish then you could always choose a very long, statement drop earrings with crystals, tassels or pearls to add interest to your gown. This style of bridal earrings is perfect for an Art Deco inspired look too with multi-strand earrings which are simple yet utterly flamboyant all at the same time!

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