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How Much Does It Cost To Hire A Wedding DJ?

A recent survey of 100 couples showed that 60% had hired or were planning to hire a wedding DJ. This was more than double the number going for a party band which demonstrates that a wedding DJ remains the current popular choice for wedding entertainment at the party.

With DJs usually costing significantly less than party bands this isn't particularly surprising but how much are you actually looking at spending if you want to hire a DJ?

As with most suppliers, the price brackets vary signficantly so below we've broken down what you can expect depending on your budget.

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Why book a DJ?

If you're still thinking you don't need a DJ or any sort of wedding entertainment it's worth keeping in mind the role the DJ plays at the wedding. Not only do they often take on the roll as MC and provide all the mics for the speeches, they're also there to get the party started. If you just press play on a spotify playlist, you may have a bunch of great tunes ready to go but a DJ is there to respond to the crowd, understand what's getting everyone up and dancing and make sure the party keeps going right until the very end! Managing the music yourself can be risky and ensuring someone else is in charge of making sure you've got the right, party atmostphere is a weight off your shoulders. Just like we recommend with your musicians, you should try and book your DJ 7-8 months before your wedding date as they do get booked up fast.

How much does a wedding DJ cost?

As with anything the cost varies upon a number of factors from location, time, date, their experience and the equipment they're required to provide.

£300 - £400

This is right at the lower end of what a DJ costs. This is likely to be someone without a huge amount of experience and a lot of high-quality equipment. If they're talented and just starting out you may just hit the jackpot and find just what you're looking for at a great price!

£450 - £750

This is the typical price bracket that many couples spend on their wedding DJ. For this price you'd expect to get your DJ right from the end of the wedding breakfast until the party ends. These DJs tend to have plenty of experience and know exactly how to get the party started. 

£750 - £1,400

As you look to spend upwards of £1,000 you can expect a DJ who will cover more of the day or later into the night / early morning if you're having an all nighter! It's also the typical spend on a DJ in a major city like London. Expect a pretty smooth and classy service along with great quality sound and light equipment.

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Travel expenses

It's quite normal for DJs to expect you to cover their travel expenses so don't be surprised if this is added to their quote. Roughly 50p per mile is pretty standard over 25+ miles of travel.

While you'd expect your DJ to know what the crowd want they will always welcome your input and its poor service if they don't! Feel free to provide them with any song requests and make sure you let them know if there are any songs you don't want played too.

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