Planning 101 6th December 2013

Brides Emergency Makeup Kit

You’re all set to go on your wedding day and you are ready to walk down the aisle - only later on you find that you need to top up your make up and you don’t have anything to do it with.

Brides emergency makeup kitA good tip is to have a mini emergency kit on the day that you can give to your mum or bridesmaid to have in a bag for you so you don’t have to worry about it. Having make up professionally applied will make it last all day but if you touch your face a lot and with all the tears, kisses and hugs, on the day of the wedding, it might affect the longevity of the make up.

If you’ve booked a make up artist ask her/him to give you mini samples of the foundation and powder used. Get a lipstick/lipgloss in the same shade that’s been applied before the wedding too. There are some lovely little satin bags that you can keep the mini kit in if you’re heading off to the church. If you’re having a ceremony and reception in the same venue then you can ask someone to pop up to your room to get the bag so you can freshen up later in the day!

Emergency Kit Must Haves

Lip Pencil – Use the pencil to neaten the edges of the lipstick and stop dark colours bleeding

Lip colour – Lipstick and lipgloss wears off during the day with drinking and eating. Top up your lip colour regularly so you’re always ready for the candid shots too.

Pressed Powder – If you’re prone to oily shine on the t-zone a light dusting of powder over this area will rectify this.

Blotting papers – Pressing these onto the shiny parts of the face will absorb the oil.

Foundation – If you cry a lot you might need to top up your foundation. A small sample should be enough to touch up those areas.

Small mirror – great for just checking over the make up for the close up couple shots. Sometimes the powder compacts have these attached.

Cotton Buds – Use a cotton bud to mop up the tear by pressing it onto your face at the end of the tear and rolling it up the tear. This stops your make up getting wiped off.

Tissues – For blotting lip colour if you apply too much and making lipgloss less sticky.

Hydrating spray - If you’re getting married on a hot day or abroad in a humid climate. A light spritz of hydrating spray over make up can refresh your make up and cool your skin.