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A Day in the Life of a Wedding Planner

Planning 101 • 17th June 2013
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After 12 months of planning, 402 phone calls, 176 emails and 46 meetings… the big day has finally arrived!

Setting the scene

Wedding Planner - in the churchThe Bride and Groom have chosen a church ceremony in the grounds of a stunning manor house where they will also have their wedding breakfast and reception. The sun is shining, flowers are in bloom and the birds are singing. The wedding is going to be perfect!

There have been a few hiccups along the way, the bridesmaids’ dresses had been discontinued and all other readymade dresses the bride had seen were too short for her 5ft 10” bridesmaids! But after a few phone calls to dressmakers their Wedding Planner found the ideal alternative, yet still managing to work within the budget.

On the wedding day it is a 6am start for the Wedding Planner. The decorations for the venue were delivered the day before, so she is at the venue laying out the flowers, favours, table decorations and putting out the finishing touches. Also, it is a final opportunity to make sure all is well with the catering company and venue manager!

10 am…

It is off to the hairdressers to make sure the bride, her family and friends are enjoying their croissants and bucks fizz brunch. Spirits are high and the bridal party are excited but relaxed! Off to pick up the suits. Hot footing it to the outfitters the Wedding Planner delivers the suits to the groom’s house. Panic over!

2:10 pm…

The gleaming Harley Davidson gives the groom and best man the ride of their life to the ceremony, and so the wedding is underway.

2:20 pm…

The limousine arrives at the bride’s house.

2:50 pm…

Only ten minutes until the ceremony, all of the guests are gathered at the church, the groom waits anxiously inside for his future wife. The bride arrives on time and makes her way into the church, she looks stunning and her father has the biggest grin. He is so proud of his little girl. Whilst they are in the church, it is an opportunity for the Wedding Planner to chat with the photographer to confirm his schedule. He had been photographing the arrival of both the groom and the bride and is now just waiting for them to appear again as husband and wife.

3:45 pm…

The bells ring out across the village as the new husband and wife come floating from the church, the air is filled with laughter, confetti, smiles and the mood is so uplifting, their happiness is infectious! Family and friends gather for photographs. Their Wedding Planner makes her way to where the reception drinks are being served and she asks the string quartet to start playing, it is all-important to create the perfect mood for the bride and groom’s arrival. Guests gather in the gardens to enjoy champagne, canapés and light conversation!

5:00 pm…

“Ladies and Gentlemen, dinner is served”. The Wedding Planner indicates the way to the marquee. Guests find their seats and begin to enjoy their exquisite meal of salmon and herb pancakes, marinated chicken with honey glazed vegetables and chocolate Grenache for dessert!

6:30 pm…

Whilst the bridal party enjoys the delicious wedding breakfast the Wedding Planner greets the band. Their discussions some weeks before about the most suitable position, lighting and power needs, has really paid off. Let the music begin. The band is excellent! Dinner is running smoothly, nearly time for the speeches. One final check with the father of the bride to make sure he is okay. Making a speech can be a daunting prospect and the Wedding Planner is used to acquiring a little “Dutch courage” for the father of the bride.

7:30 pm…

The bride and groom have a chance to mingle. Their Wedding Planner requests the band to play some background music while the evening guests arrive. She also removes marquee linings to reveal the enchanting “evening room” of gold and purple. The chocolate fountain is set up and creates a unique and magical experience. The celebration gets into full swing!


Time for everyone to leave! After 24 bottles of champagne, 42 bottles of wine, 150 glasses of Pimms, sadly, their big day ends. The bride and groom say goodbye to their guests and make their way to the Bridal Suite where they will spend the night.

The Wedding Planner ensures all the guests have taxis and then starts clearing away the decorations that are scattered around the venue. She collects the wedding gifts and says goodbye and thank you to the companies who have worked with her to create the most perfect day!

2:00 am…

As she drives home, she smiles to herself; happy it has been another successful wedding and in her thoughts wishes the new husband and wife a happy and loving future together!

After 12 months of working with the couples they will always have a special place in her heart, it is an honour to be part of such a special occasion!

Contributed by Dawn Rennie, from the Big Day Company

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