Planning 101 29th February 2016

A Brides Guide To Popping The Question

The feminist inside me says that modern women don't need just one single day occuring only once ever four years to be permitted by society to pop the question. But then I remember not to take life so seriously and embrace the fun! The tradition is thought to have originated with St Bridget of Ireland, who apparently was rejected when she proposed to St Patrick. From then on, just as a leap year is necessary to restore the balance in time, leap year proposals became commonplace to balance out the sexes.  

So if you are, today or ANY day, thinking of popping the question to your significant other, here are our top tips: 

Make sure it's a proposal for HIM and not YOU

Whilst a rose scented bath, candles and champagne might be your idea of romantic perfection, remember this proposal is for him and not you. Think of things that make HIM truly happy, perhaps an activity you enjoy doing together. This mountain side proposal looks pretty awesome if your fella is into his snow sports....

Be honest about your motives

Have a serious conversation with yourself about why you're actually doing this. Just make sure you're not proposing to test where your relationship stands, or out of desparation. If you're sure it's the kind of thing that your other half would be totally on board with and get super excited about, go ahead. 

Guys should get rings too

Because why not. Ok so it doesn't have to be a ring exactly, but having some sort of gift at hand with which to do the actual propsal makes it a more decided action. An engagement watch with an engravement perhaps? Or a haribo ring if you'd like to keep it light hearted... OR go all out with a 'mangagement ring' a la Jonny Depp...

Think about his family

Are they a traditional family? You shouldn't necessarily feel like you have to 'ask permission' as with a traditional proposal, but it's always a good idea to get his family on side. 

Prepare your post-engagement spiel

People are going to want to hear your story, so make sure you're prepared for how you're going to tell it. Get ready for some 'who wears the trousers jokes' and be sensitive in your bragging!

Beware his ego

It's possible that your chap's ego may be a little bruised, especially if he was planning on proposing himself before you stole his thunder. Maybe you can remind him that he can ask you himself too, when he's ready, with a ring!

Do you want a ring?

If you do the proposal you can't expect him to buy you a ring, but your absolutely should get one if you want it. Perhaps go shopping for it together and share the cost.

Keep it simple

You're already throwing your man a curveball by doing the proposal, so make sure you keep things simple and to the point. You'll be pretty nervous too, so anything too elaborate will be hard to cope with.


Most of all, good luck! If you do propose today, or any day, we'd love to hear about it! Email [email protected] with your story.