Planning 101 25th January 2018

2018 Wedding Trends: GIF Booths

GIF booths are officially the new big thing for 2018 and they can be the perfect way to add a different element to your wedding to help you stand out! GIF's are great because not only do they give you some fun memories of the day but it also gives your guests an exciting snap shot of the day that they can share on social media!

This is how the GIF booth works and how it can help your event!


1. Grab some props! 

Get some fancy dress or props and get ready! Props are a great way to add some individuality to your event. What about Alice in Wonderland or 1920's theme? Then you'll really get the guests talking!


2. Choose your GIF

There are two sorts of GIFs - Boomerangs and Stop Start GIF. 

The Boomerang GIFs take photos close together and put them together in a moving picture that goes back and forward. It's perfect for blowing kisses to the camera!

The Stop Start GIF takes 4 photos and puts them together into a mini slideshow. It's a really good way to incorporate chalk board signs or to give your guests a chance to change their facy dress over quickly! 


3. Share the GIFs! 

The GIF's will be shared directly with the guest for them to put onto social media. The GIFs can be branded with your wedding logo or the bride and groom's names along with an event hashtag. It's a great way to see what everyone has been saying about the wedding!

The GIF booth is a perfect ice breaker for your wedding as it gets people all together in the booth, making hilarious memories together! If you opt for an open plan booth you have the advantage of all the other guests being able to watch the GIF being made, which is always entertaining! The PROP GIF Booth can be an ideal addition to a wedding where you want to help create some memories for the guests to get instantly and share with their friends. 


If you are looking for a GIF Booth, here are some things to look out for before you hire:

- Insurance. The GIF Booth operator should definitely have all the correct Public Liability Insurance documents which they can share with you. 

- GIFs. Check out some of their previous work! Instagram is a good place to start, but they should have an online gallery of their work as well. 

- Printing. Do you want to print the stills from the GIF's too? This usually comes at an extra cost, but can be a good way of getting some photos for the guest book! 

- Props. Do you have any favourite films or special memories to you? It can be great to theme your props so the GIFs tell a story. 

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