Planning 101 18th May 2015

14 Signs You're Becoming A Bridezilla

It happens to the best of us, I'm afraid... but I suggest if you start finding yourself being guilty of too many of the below, you face down that inner green monster with a large glass of wine. Or 2.

1. You’re starting to pull jobs from your fiancé’s to-do list and doing them yourself. Just to help them out – honest! marry myself

2. You insisted on going with your fiancé to choose their wedding outfit. Screw the element of surprise you HAD to check for colour clash.

3. You have spreadsheets and timetables for ALL parts of the day and have probably printed, colour coded and laminated each. spreadsheets

4. You’ve called up your bridal boutique at least 3 times to check that your dress is still on its way.

5. Weekends are no longer weekends. They’re wedminends (sorry not sorry) wedmin

6. And your lunch times (and occasional other working hours) are filled with wedmin tasks.

7. You have your colour scheme burned into your subconscious. You see your colours EVERYWHERE. You don't like my colours?

8. You’re slightly protective over your colour scheme or theme. Seeing anyone else do it badly offends you.

9. You’ve made at least 2 people cry. Bridesmaids, wedding planners, your fiancé. All fair game.

10. All conversations end in wedding chat. Always.
stop talking

11. You preserve a stack of wedding magazines in pristine competition. And still buy the new ones. Even though your wedding is totally planned.
wedding mafs

12. You find yourself referring to the wedding as ‘my wedding’. Accidentally of course.its my wedding day

13. It's fair to say that you've thrown a couple of tantrums.
it's blue

14. And now you just really can't wait for the wedding to be over happen already. just marry me already