Guests 23rd August 2022

12 of the Best Last Minute Favours to Arrange

It’s always the same conundrum, do you or do you not do favours? Will we have money for favours? Do people like favours anyways? Many a couple um and ah about favours, with many often getting closer to the day, with budget still available and a fancy for adding favours into the day. So how do you find something that’s worthwhile giving that’s also quick to organise? Below we’ve listed 12 of our favourite favours that you’ll be able to sort in a snap. 

1. Mini tamborines 

Starting on the fun end of the scale, we love the current trend of having little mini tambourines on each persons place setting to use instead of clapping, or to just use throughout the wedding day! If you have time, personalise these to create a lovely wedding momento. It’s unlikely many people will have one already…

mini tamborine

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2. Little bottles of alcohol 

When in doubt, little bottles of alcohol do always go down a storm. Add a little tag to mini spirits or tie a cute paper straw to a mini bottle of Prosecco or G and T for a nice table addition. 

mini bottles of alcohol

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3. Little bags of sweets 

Sweets are also another favourite! Either pop a selection of pic and mix in a cellophane bag or if you’re conscious of it blending into your decor, buy some colour-appropriate little paper bags and place inside them instead. 

bags of sweets

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4. Small potted plant 

A simple favour that will double up as a pretty bit of table decor, a small potted plant adds character and you can add a little tag to it to remind them of your day. 

potted plant

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5. Wildflower seeds 

Cheap to do, easy to carry home and the perfect choice for any green-fingered couples, buy a pack of pretty envelopes and place a scattering of wildflower seeds within them. They can then go home and dot them about their garden and see all the pretty flowers appear in the years to come.

wildflower seeds

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6. Scratch card

Whilst the garish colours of a scratch card might not go with you decor, you can easy tuck them within an envelope or pouch more in keeping with your decor. We can just imagine how much fun it must be if someone wins at your wedding! 

lottery ticket

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7. Bags of popcorn 

A perfect snack for your guests to munch away on during the speeches, a little bag of popcorn is another affordable and popular choice for a last minute wedding favour. 


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8. Charity donation 

If you have a charity close to your heart, why not donate what you’d spend on favours to them. All you then need to do is create a little tag to say that you’ve donated to that charity on their behalf. 

charity donation

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9. Drinks tokens for the bar 

If you’re having a cash bar, then a nice treat for your guests is to give them a drinks token at their place setting to use later that evening. 

drinks tokens

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10. Biscuit in a bag 

Home bake some lovely little biscuits (or buy a lot of them in the shops!), wrap them in cellophane and place them at each table setting. 

biscuit in a bag

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11. Personalised temporary tattoos

For couples who are planning a fun and quirky wedding, then personalised temporary tattoos will go down well with your wedding crowd. Expect to see your tattoos ending up in all sorts of places…

temporary tattoos

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12. Fortune cookies 

Everyone loves opening a fortune cookie and it serves as a great ice breaker on a table where not everyone will know each other. 

Fortune cookies

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