Guests 15th March 2024

Colour Your Streets: The Perfect Personal Touch for Your Wedding Day

Weddings are a celebration of love, a day when two hearts become one, and every detail is a reflection of the couple’s unique story. There’s a new trend that’s capturing the hearts of couples looking to add a personal touch to their special day: customised colouring books by Colour Your Streets. 

Imagine your guests arriving at your wedding, greeted not just with the usual favours but with a beautifully crafted colouring book that takes them on a journey through the iconic landmarks of your city. This is what Colour Your Streets offers – a chance to share your love story through the streets and sights that mean the most to you. 

A Journey Through Colour and Love 

Each Colour Your Streets book is a hyper-local adventure, featuring 16 iconic landmarks that define an area. From the majestic and infamous landmarks like Tower Bridge to the serene local park, every page invites guests to explore their area through a creative and interactive experience. Although having started in London; Colour Your Streets are expanding beyond, bringing local charm to weddings across the UK. 

Customisation That Tells Your Story 

What sets Colour Your Streets apart is the ability to customise these colouring books to suit your wedding theme and narrative. Couples can work with the team to highlight the places that have shaped their relationship, order them and include your own message and of course photo of the happy couple. Perhaps it’s the quaint café where you had your first date, or the picturesque park where you said ‘yes’. These books allow your guests to colour in your journey, making for a truly memorable and engaging wedding favour. 

A Favour to Remember 

Wedding favours are a token of gratitude, a small gift that says ‘thank you’ to friends and family for being part of your journey. With Colour Your Streets, these favours become a keepsake, a way for guests to relive the joy of your wedding day long after the last dance. They’re not just a gift; they’re an experience, a moment of relaxation and creativity that everyone can enjoy. 

Sustainability Meets Style 

In today’s world, where sustainability is more important than ever, Colour Your Streets offers an eco-friendly alternative to traditional wedding favours. These colouring books are made with love and care, using sustainable materials. So, you’re not just making your wedding day special; you’re also making a responsible choice for the environment. 

The Heart of London and Beyond 

Colour Your Streets is a celebration of local culture and the stories that make each area unique. As they expand outside of London, they’re bringing the same level of detail and

passion to new locations, offering couples across the UK the chance to celebrate their love in full colour. 

Your Love Story 

Your wedding day is a canvas, and with Colour Your Streets, you have the opportunity to paint it with the colours of your love story. These customised colouring books are a testament to the places that have shaped your journey, a gift that invites your guests to explore, create, and remember. So, as you plan your wedding, consider adding a splash of colour with Colour Your Streets – it’s not just a favour; it’s a piece of your heart, shared with those you love. 

For more information on how you can bring Colour Your Streets to your wedding, visit their website at and start crafting a favour that’s as unique as your love story.