Themes & Colours 4th February 2022

Wedding Presents by Zodiac Sign

There always comes a time when we get invited to a wedding. It’s a time of great joy and celebration, but often we feel this internal pressure about what could be the perfect gift for such an occasion. 

Well, in today’s article, we are going to go over (best) possible gifts for each of the Zodiac signs, and thus ease the selection process and remove any anxiety from such a happy event. 

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The Ram needs to feel free, unique and brave on the threshold of adulthood like getting married. That’s why a perfect present, that speaks to their inner child and promises an easy transition into a shared life, can be a refined set of tabletop games. It will provide them with endless fun, good times and a hobby that they can share with their spouse. Aries likes puzzles and things that activate their yearning brain cells, so that is the best root from which the present idea for a Ram can sprout. 


It’s not easy picking a perfect present for a picky and refined Taurus. This is why the best pick is something luxurious (not necessarily overpriced) that can make their new, shared home feel cozy and artistic. A nice carpet, erotic painting, sparkly figurine or thick curtains are all viable options for Taurus’ wedding gift.  


This is a hard one because no one is more evolution-prone nor changeable than Gemini. But there’s a remedy for everything, and so, for this inquisitive, ever information-hungry twin sign you can go with something very unique, yet valuable – Tarot cards. This is a gift that has the potential of becoming a family heirloom, and at the same time, it can aid your Gemini friend in their marriage when it comes to information and foreseeing outcomes. 


Cancers are kings and queens of nesting, and they love their kitchen to look as nice as it is useful. So for these softies, the best gift would be some kind of fancy kitchenware, something they will be able to use in their search for the perfect recipe and the tastiest meal. Especially when it comes to cooking for their partner. 


The fabulous Leos want honesty and loyalty above all else, and how do you give them that besides giving them just that. Well, you go with something very personal and very their signature move. Golden spoons with their initials, custom made art for their living room or satin sheets that have their (and their partner’s) constellations embroidered are all very fine choices for a grandiose Leo. 


Virgo is one of the most difficult signs to shop for, if not THE most difficult sign. In order to get their tall order right, don’t go asking yourself what they might need, instead ask yourself what would (pleasantly) surprise them, and then go with that. Virgo is the sign that enjoys antique aesthetics and antiques, so buy them something that can serve as a perfect decor for their new home. 


Libras prefer aesthetics over practicality, and they are very sentimental, nostalgic and orientated towards emotion. This is why a perfect wedding gift for them would be something that belongs in a contemporary art museum. It can be a (good) replica of their favorite Louvre masterpiece, or it can be a commissioned art piece that has your inside joke hidden in it. Anything that can be a conversation starter for their many future gatherings and parties is an excellent way to go with Libra. 


Scorpios need and love uniqueness, this is why you need to turn on your oddity radar when you go shopping for their wedding gift. The first thing that comes to mind is their favorite book’s first edition or a leather-bound edition. They are practical, so your gift should be something that also has “earthly” value or use. You can never go wrong with elite BDSM gear (that you know for a fact is their preference). 


Sagittarius love to go big and almost never to go home. This is why giving them airplane tickets to their honeymoon destination can really be a perfect gift. Or buying them a compact (and colorful) suitcase, high-quality camping gear, or hiking boots. You can always ask them if there’s something they’re missing (gear-wise) in their hobby and then go with that. Easy-peasy, lemon squeezy. 


With sturdy Capricorns, you want to take the traditional route. Their Saturn-ruled character will prefer monochromatic hues and durability over fanciness or looks of the gift. Just take into account their forte – books, kitchen, looks, interior… What is their preference and their passion, and then, within that niche pick your perfect present that will endure the test of time and stern gaze of a Goat.  


With Aquarius aliens, you’ll want to go to the future to seek your perfect wedding present. This is why we recommend something high-tech, highly futuristic. It can be a water filter or a sci-fi microwave. If you know for a fact that they are missing a PC component to make their dream PC, then chip in with the said component or with a techie gift card so that they can pick it for themselves. 


For these dreamers, sweet Pisces, you can get something that resembles fairytale realms or wonderland. They are big on having their interior as cozy and homey as possible, this is why a perfect gift can include decorations with fairytale motifs (their favorite one, for example, like Rivendell or Hogwarts themed), pillows for their king-size bed, soft bathrobe or a very soft and pastel-colored carpet for their bedroom. 

When it comes to personal tastes it’s best not to talk about them, but when it comes to gifting a perfect present, then it’s best to get into the symbolism of each sign and then follow their preferences. 

And there you have it, we gave you the starting point with our creative ideas – now it’s up to you to truly make it personal and make it count.