Themes & Colours 9th February 2023

14 Cute Ways to Mark Valentine’s Day This Year

Whether you’re celebrating on Valentine’s Day itself or over the weekend, there’s plenty of lovely things you can do to mark the occasion. From those that are totally free at home activities to a fancy dinner or getaway, don’t let the day pass you by and make sure you do something a little special. Below are 14 of our ideas to get you inspired. 

1. Scavenger hunt of their favourite places 

If you live somewhere where lots of the places and things you love to do are in close proximity, why not create a fun little scavenger hunt for your loved one. Create little notes and riddles that lead you from one place to another, whether it be your favourite cafe, the spot they proposed or where a funny memory happened. Get creative about what the place you call home means to you. 

2. Go on a country walk and end up at a cosy pub 

As the brighter days set in, it’s the perfect time to go for a lovely crisp walk somewhere and then tuck up in the warm after at a cosy pub. 

3. Take a class together 

One way to bond that is always a real treat is to do a class together. From cookery to cocktails, pick something that you both love and it can be your gift to one another. 

4. Make a lovely brunch or have breakfast in bed

Make a relaxing Valentine’s weekend even more relaxing by having a delicious long brunch with tea and newspapers, or indulge in a bit of breakfast in bed. If you live close to town, why not pick up their favourite coffee and croissant from the local coffee shop. 

5. Have a romantic movie marathon 

With an absolute abundance of classic romance and rom-com films out there, your significant other will love indulging in a fun movie marathon watching a few of their favourites. Stock up on popcorn, sweets and get snuggled under the blanket together! 

6. Have a pizza and wine night 

A fun way to spend a night in is to make your own pizzas (or make them for each other) paired with a lovely bottle of wine. If you want to take it up a notch, you could even get a few bottles and do your own mini taste test. 

7. Go to a fancy cinema and dine in

Take romance to the next level and book in to see a film in a fancy cinema like Everyman or Electric Cinema. Indulge in their in-house food and drink menus and have food delivered to you in your seats for the ultimate in luxury! 

8. Make handmade cards for each other

Sometimes there’s nothing more heartfelt than a handmade card for someone. Get creative and really make it personal to them, with some sweet and sentimental words written inside.

9. Create a voucher book that your loved one can use beyond Valentine’s 

One fun way to guarantee you lots more fun dates and activities together in the future is to create them a voucher book. These could be for simple things like a home-cooked meal or a massage, or mini golf and dinner out. Set a budget for the overall book and then get crafty about what you pop inside. 

10. Give the gift of flowers, chocolates or sweets 

Sometimes nothing beats a bunch of beautiful blooms and their favourites sweets or chocolates. It’s often a luxury we don’t indulge ourselves in so it’s always a welcome treat when it arrives!

11. Have a board game night 

If you and your loved one are fans of a bit of competition, then why not enjoy a fun little board game night together. Get the snacks in, pop on your favourite playlist and hop to it! 

12. Go on a bike ride and pack a picnic

Weather depending, if it is a particularly nice day outside then pop together a tasty little picnic and nice hot thermos of tea and head on your bikes to somewhere scenic. It’s a great chance to have quality time together without being surrounded by lots of other people, which can often happen on Valentine’s Day! 

13. Plan a mini getaway 

If you’re in the mood for spending a little more money then plan a little getaway, whether it be in the UK or abroad. If you’re feeling like a bit of R and R, then a little spa break is perfect for this. 

14. Go for a fancy meal at one of your bucket list restaurants 

Valentine’s is the perfect excuse to try out that restaurant that’s been on your list for ages. It could be a cool low-key local that’s buzzing with reviews, or somewhere super fancy that feels particularly indulgent!