Planning 101 25th August 2022

The Latest Photobooth, Espresso Martini Trucks and Other Extras Taking the World By Storm

From espresso martini Vans and brunch buffets to audio guestbooks and live portrait drawings, we’ve rounded up 10 of the top trends that are popping up across weddings this year. 

1. Wedding Creches 

With many couples now choosing to have children before they get married, in part due to the pandemic delaying plans, it’s now getting increasingly more popular to have designated creches at weddings. It provides a way for the children to be at the wedding, whilst the parents can still have a nice time safe in the knowledge that their little one is being looked after. It also means guests don’t have to worry about sorting individual childcare and keeps everyone’s costs a little bit lower when attending you day. 

wedding creche


2. 360 Video Photo Booth

A fun new photo booth on the scene, with the 360 video booths guests pose for the camera on a podium whilst it circles around them to capture a fun video. The video can be shared with them instantly to post on social and is a premium feeling addition to a wedding that feels innovative and unique. 

360 photobooth


3. Audio Guestbook 

Often housed within a cool vintage telephone, an audio guestbook collects lots of lovely voice messages from your guests. How it works is that your guest picks up the phone, they listen to a nice pre-recorded message from you and then they have to leave a message after the beep. Once they’ve finished recording, they simply put the phone down and you can listen to them all back for many years to come. 

audio guestbook


4. Confessional Booth 

A confessional booth is often a private space that consists of a microphone and a video booth in which your guests can leave messages. You can create a fun backdrop to the booth, add in some props and let them loose! It’s also something that is worth trying to DIY with a tripod and an iPad, if you can find somewhere quiet enough to place them. 

confessional booth


5. Selfie Glam Cam Booth

Set with a ring light and skin softening and edge sharpening technology to really help you glow, a Selfie Glam Cam Booth helps your guests take really beautiful photos. Alternatively you can hire a wedding photo booth. Feel free to keep it simple and chic or add in props, and be sure to take advantage of both printed photos and email-able ones too. 

selfie booth

6. Brunch Weddings 

With a large portion of the human population still loving a bottomless brunch, it’s no surprise that many couples now want to frame their wedding meal around brunch. Usually served as a buffet, you can go as lavish or as laidback as you fancy. From waffles and fruit to fresh salmon and cured hams, they always look lovely in a grazing board style set up. 

brunch wedding


7. Signature Cocktails 

A long-standing favourite that is continuing to get more popular, signature cocktails are still appearing at lots of weddings, with many couples now choosing to get creative and naming their cocktails after their pets! 


8. Low or No Alcohol 

With many friends and family now opting to have alcohol free drinks or alternating between both soft drinks and alcohol at weddings, lots of couples are now factoring this into their drinks selection on the day. You can display these in different ways, from large help yourself drinks canisters to lots of nice cans in a big bucket of ice. 

no or low alcohol


9. Espresso Martini Van

Alongside bottomless brunches, lots of people do seem to have a penchant for Espresso Martinis too! Enter the new trend for Espresso Martini vans that can be perfectly timed to arrive in the middle of the evening to give all your guests a new burst of energy. 

espresso martini van


10. Live Painting and Wedding Day Portraits 

A fun alternative to wedding favours is to have a wedding portrait artist there on the wedding day, to paint quick and fun pictures of your guests. Some couples even hire a portrait artist to paint the whole wedding day scene, creating something you’ll cherish forever.