Fashion & Jewellery 9th January 2018

Secret Spa's Guide to Wedding Skincare

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A skincare regime is essential to ensure your skin is glowing for your big day. It’s important to stay on top of it ahead of the wedding to prevent breakouts and dull looking skin. Secret Spa, a luxury mobile beauty app based in Greater London has an amazing team of beauty professionals who can help you get the perfect skin for the big day!

The Prep

All makeup will sit better on perfected skin, so a healthy and hydrated base will always look better in photos. Ensure you up your water intake and are drinking at least two litres a day, as well as eating more fruit and veg for a clearer complexion. Green tea is also great for detoxifying and fighting inflammation, alongside reducing breakouts. Try to avoid too much sun before your wedding to avoid tan lines or burning. Once a week exfoliate lips with a sugar scrub (you can make this at home with sugar and olive oil) to keep them kissably smooth. Layer on thick lip balm overnight to increase their moisture levels. 

The Facials

Facials are a fail safe tool to ensure you have glowing, red-carpet skin as you walk down the aisle. The key to this technique is to incorporate a facial massage to enhance lymphatic drainage alongside blood circulation in your skin surface. Book one of Secret Spas experienced professionals for a BEA Skincare Medi-facial which you can rely upon for gorgeous skin. Make sure you start going for facial appointments at least three months before the wedding to avoid any skin disturbances. This will also help to gradually exfoliate the surface to leave a smooth base for makeup. 

The Routine

For a month before your wedding do try to avoid trying any new skincare products, eating anything too unusual or doing anything which may cause breakouts. You want the clearest skin of your life, so control any variables which could cause spots by taking care of your diet and exercise regime. The run-up to your wedding is a stressful time, so incorporate some me-time into your routine to help you wind down.

The Day

Use a gentle facial exfoliator which you have experience with so you know that it’s compatible with your skin. We love the Pixi Glow Tonic for a skin boost. Remember to steer clear of any unknown treatments close to the big day to reduce the risk of redness or inflammation and to keep a clear complexion.

Download the Secret Spa app to book in one of their elite skincare professionals to come to you in the comfort of your own home, hotel or office.

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