Real Weddings 26th August 2014

Real Bride: Harriet's Flash-Mob Proposal


Now, there are endless types of proposals around, ones to suit all levels of ostentatiousness  or otherwise, and no proposal is the 'right way' to do it. Many people would LOVE a simple, cosy proposal alongside breakfast in bed. Some people dream of a romatic gesture on a warm, sunny holiday. And for some people, it's all about fireworks and drama. Sorry boys, there is no one size fits all! What it does come down to, however is ensuring you pick the right proposal for the lady in question. And when I first heard of my friend Harriet's boyfriend's proposal plans, crazy though it was, I knew it would be simply perfect for her!

Now, Harriet and Adam are no ordinary couple (genuinely two of the most eccentric people you'll ever meet) so naturally this is no ordinary proposal. Adam decided that, since they're about to set off on year long travelling trip, he'd like to stage a surprise proposal involving all of her family and friends. It would involve them all meeting at surprise location, flash mob style, and serenading an unwitting Harriet with her favourite song until Adam appeared to pop the question.

Months of preparation ensued, with the invaluable help of Harriet's sisters, including secret instructions posted to all involved, favours drafted in, negotiations with the venue, photographer set in place and finally, the day arrived.
This is what happened... (Harriet enters and sits on the right at the beginning.. Adam 'nips to the loo')

Here's what Harriet had to say about it:

"We are leaving this week for a year on a round-the-world trip, so I thought the evening was going to be a goodbye meal with our parents. I even joked to Adam that they do weddings at the restaurant. When Adam nipped to the loo and our song started playing on the music system, I was about to start filming it on my phone, but then they all started walking in. I have never felt happiness like it. It was a complete surprise, it was incredible."

"Even when My sister came out singing, I was thinking 'she's kind of gate crashing this date'. Also 'why is she just singing at me like a complete weirdo? Go away!'. But obviously now, I am thrilled that she didn't go away."

One by one, Harriet's closest family and friends joined her sister, Polly, singing along to the couples' favourite song. It was a perfectly executed plan, and really took her by surprise.

"I grilled Adam later and he said he was really nervous and told me about what all my sisters had done to plan the surprise, even delivering plans to everyone so I wouldn't find out through social media. I know it sounds like some people's worst nightmare, but I absolutely loved it, I was in my element."

So Adam nailed it on the  head, and the couple are now headed off somewhere exotic to rejoice in their newly engaged bliss. We wish Harriet and Adam (or her 'Fiancé Knowles' as she calls him) the very best, and can't wait to see what they plan for their wedding!