Real Weddings 9th September 2021

Jemma & Mark's Sunny Somerset Wedding

We're so excited to bring you Jemma and Mark's truly special special day, captured on film by the wonderful BaDeYa. They spent their day at the stunning Orchardleigh estate in Frome where their guests could celebrate with them till late into the night - and it was great to see them do so!

Jemma prepared for the day in style in the bridal suite while her guests started to arrive at the wonderful house and grounds. The weather was fantastic for their outdoor ceremony on the belvedere and throughout the day as everybody enjoyed the reception. In some down time the newly married couple took the chance to capture some great moments of just the two of them in the sunshine.

From ceremony to dancing it was clear how much the day meant to everybody - it was very emotional to see one big happy family celebrate together after such an uncertain time.

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