Planning 101 26th August 2015

How to Tie The Knot Abroad

With wedding season here, the joyous, frantic and at times hair-raising dance that is planning the perfect nuptials can, for many, drive them to distraction. Throw in the decision to get hitched in another country, and you’re taking your dream day to another level. But fear not! The key for success is all in the detail, and especially in the planning. Organisation is the secret to the most important day in your life, and if you use military precision, the project in question can be fun, frivolous and creative.

Firstly, your suit.

Depending on where the decided location of your venue is, the best form of attack is to seek out your local tailor on advice and guidance on fabrics, weight, durability and breathability. Your tailor is key in helping you find the cloth to fit the country. And depending on your style, you may wish to opt for a design that can be (pun intended) tailored to your lifestyle, and evening wear at the reception. A light-weight vibrant or powder-blue two-piece, teamed with a classic white shirt and ivory or dusky-pink tie with minimal detailing will look classic and timeless, but this tone of blue could be integrated into your wardrobe later – your jacket will compliment your skinny jeans when in the pub having downtime with your mates, and the trousers will work wonders with a dog-tooth or puppy-tooth three-button waistcoat.

Secondly, get yourself a wedding planner!

Often viewed in the UK as a luxury alternative, if this is out of your budget, be your own. Or appoint a friend the task of keeping everything and everyone in check. The guest list is first to focus on. Establish the desired number of people, as wedding parties abroad tend to be smaller and more intimate, and during the initial stages of planning, colour-code them – green for ‘definitely attending’, amber for ‘maybe/ to be confirmed’, and red for ‘no’ (or ‘they say they will be attending but clearly won’t’), and as time passes, you can be more cut-throat. Establishing the costs quickly is vital, along with clear, swift communication so that figures, location and times are locked-down. Also, to cut costs, many destinations do wedding packages to fit your budget, and to secure all your loved ones can be onboard.

Finally, after all the fine-tuning, think about your honeymoon!

Are you thinking of staying in your chosen destination? Would you travel, take a cruise, or just relish the thought of spending the next week or two sunning yourself by the pool, work email off, beer in hand, factor fifty on duty? For many, planning your special day can be very much an adventure before the real adventure begins.