Money Matters 14th October 2021

How to Plan a Lavish Wedding without Spending a Fortune

A lavish wedding is something that many brides dream of. If you are tying the knot and have an unlimited budget, you wouldn't have problems achieving the most luxurious wedding that will wow everyone. However, if you cannot go on a spending spree due to financial constraints, there are still ways to achieve a lavish wedding without spending a fortune. 


Choose the right venue

The venue of the wedding has a significant impact on the overall feel of the occasion. Choose one that has character to add charm to your big day. Some examples are historical sites, galleries, and museums. They add instant sophistication to the event. If you love nature, you can also do something outdoors like a forest. The lush trees and woods will be a magical and luxurious backdrop when you say, "I do". Plus, there is no need for expensive decors as the landscape itself gives natural beauty. If it's an intimate wedding, you may also rent a private estate. The exclusiveness of the place will immediately spark the thought that it is an expensive wedding. Search for venue options long before the wedding to get the best deals. Make sure that the venue is easily accessible to your guests too. 

Add a cocktail bar in the reception

A cocktail bar will add an instant vibe of extravagance to your wedding reception. You can serve fine drinks to make the bar look fancy but are not as expensive as other premium wines and cocktails. Check with luxury wedding suppliers to see your options. Specializing in luxurious wedding supplies doesn't mean that all their products and services are expensive. Instead, they can help you find elegant touches at a price that will work for you. 

Decide on a theme

Having a theme will not only make the decision making easier since you have a specific motif, but it will also make everything put together, and that's one characteristic of a sophisticated wedding. If it's all over the place, it will look chaotic and disconnected, which doesn't give the luxurious vibe you are after. So, whether you are opting for a rustic theme or a modern one, make sure the details work together. 

Consider wedding gown rental

You want to look the most beautiful on your wedding dress, and it could cost you a lot if you have one customized. You may go for a wedding gown rental instead. Rentals are way cheaper even if you choose an extravagant option compared to a bespoke dress. It's more practical since you will wear the dress only once anyway. Check on second-hand wedding gowns too. You might find the right one at a low price. If you want a classic and vintage look, it's also possible to find one in shops that sell vintage items. 

Have the celebration during brunch

Full course meals for brunch are cheaper than full course meals for lunch and dinner, so, you can have an elegant and delicious meal served to your guests that is half the latter's price. Besides that, guests will still have ample time to do other things in the afternoon after the wedding, while you and your partner can enjoy your honeymoon early on. 

Use glassware monogram

Monograms are small details that bring elegance to the event. Adding a monogram to the glassware in the reception will step up the game. Plus, you can have monogram decals printed for a low price and stick them on the glassware. 

Send digital wedding invitations

In this digital age, it's now a norm for invites to be sent via email. You can have an elegant invitation designed for you and email it to your guests. There are also now easy to use editing tools that will let you make a chic wedding invitation even without experience. 

You can still achieve the lavish wedding of your dream without having to spend an insane amount of cash. Take these tips into consideration when planning your big day.