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10 Honeymoon Destinations to Look Out for in 2019

Planning the perfect honeymoon can seem like a daunting task as you’re eager to pick the perfect location for this once in a lifetime, special holiday. However, each year a number of destinations rise to the ranks of the absolute best honeymoon hotspots. Ranging on location, weather, and activities, this list of the top ten honeymoon destinations for 2019 is guaranteed to give you a helping hand in picking the perfect destination to celebrate saying “I do”.  Take a look at the top destinations for 2019 and prepare yourself for some serious honeymoon inspo…

Disclaimer: All flight times are based upon distance from London based airports


1. The Maldives | Approx Flight Time: 12.5 hours | Average Price: £2,000 - £3,000 per person| Time of year: December – March 

For a magical Island getaway to celebrate your honeymoon, The Maldives is where you need to be. Becoming ever more popular with just married couples, The Maldives is made up of approximately 1,200 islands covering around 90,000 square kilometres situated in the Indian Ocean. This stunning country is known for its white beaches, blue lagoons, and breath taking coral reefs. Honeymooners can expect a range of activities to be offered such as scuba diving, Submarine tours, visits to historic religious sites, and Yoga and Pilates retreats.

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2. Tanzania| Approx Flight Time: 11 hours| Average Price: £2,000 per person| Time of year: October – January

Each year Tanzania becomes increasingly more popular amongst honeymooners excited to explore the Southern African landscape in one of the most beautiful and friendly countries on the continent. Honeymooners in Tanzania can expect to take part in a range of activities from hiking Mount Kilimanjaro, visiting safari parks, snorkelling or sailing around the beautiful island of Zanzibar, and dining on Tanzania’s unique and delicious cuisine.  For an African adventure, the beautiful Tanzania is one of the best honeymoon destinations for 2019.

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3. Siena | Approx Flight Time: 2.25 hours | Average Price: £400 - £800 per person| Time of year: June – September

Siena is historically synonymous with romance so it’s no surprise this gorgeous Tuscan city is one of the top honeymoon destinations for 2019. Visitors to Siena can expect to visit some of the city’s most breath taking landmarks including the Piazza del Campo, the main square and centre of social activity, and the Torre De Mangia which is the 14th century tower that stands above the public palace. Other attractive features that draw honeymooners in are the traditional Tuscan cuisine and wine, art galleries, and architecture. For a romantic city break, Siena is definitely one of the hot spots for honeymooners in 2019.

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4. Dominican Republic | Approx Flight Time: 12.5 hours| Average Price: £1,500 - £2,000 per person| Time of year: March – May

This famous Caribbean nation is known for its gorgeous beaches, warm seas, historical sites,  and bustling cities. Therefore, it is no surprise that this gorgeous country is becoming ever more popular with honeymooners eager to experience their own personal paradise. Couples visiting The Dominican Republic in 2019 can expect to take part in city tours such as in the pretty Santiago, scuba diving, drinking out of fresh coconuts on white beaches, and visiting historical sites such as La Isabela that was founded by Christopher Columbus. With all of these magnificent opportunities available, it is no surprise that the Dominican Republic is one of the most exciting honeymoon and tourist destinations for 2019! 

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5. Orkney | Approx Flight Time: 2.25 hours | Average Price: £500 -£700 per person| Time of year: June – August

Situated at the top of Scotland, Orkney is a breath taking island with lots of exciting and wonderful things to offer. Exciting attractions in Orkney include visiting the ancient standing stones of Stenness, the archaeological site of Skara Brae, the Old Man of Hoy sea stack, whale and dolphin watching, seeing the Northern Lights, and an array of water sports. From its ancient attractions to its stunning landscape, there is something truly magical about Orkney and for that reason it is hardly surprising that it has become one of the most sought after honeymoon locations for 2019.

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6. Queensland | Approx Flight Time: 24 hours | Average Price: £1,500 - £2,500 per person | Time of year: September – November

One of the most popular honeymoon destinations for 2019, South Queensland is one of the most exciting places in the world to travel to. The three main cities in this region are Brisbane, The Gold Coast, and The Sunshine Coast. The gorgeous Australian sunshine is just one of the many attractions, others include snorkelling along the great barrier reef, riding the Sky rail from the Rainforest to Kuranda, climbing to the Sky Point in The Gold Coast, and marveling at the crocodile infested Cobbold Gorge. It’s hard to argue that Queensland isn’t one of the most fascinating and fun regions to visit thus making it one of the top honeymoon destinations for couples in 2019!

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7. Marrakech | Approx Flight Time: 4 hours | Average Price: £700 - £1,000 per person| Time of year: September – November 

Situated in the heart of Morocco, Marrakech is a fascinating and beautiful city rich with history and tourist attractions. As one of the top destinations for honeymooners in 2019, those visiting the city can expect to take part in walking tours of the old town and the souk market place, visits to the Yves Saint Laurent Gardens, and day trips to the magnificent Atlas mountains all the whilst basking in the warm northern African sunshine. Marrakech is one of the most beautiful and incredibly safe countries in the region making it perfect for your honeymoon in 2019.

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8. Argentina | Approx Flight Time: 14 hours | Average Price: £2,000 - £ 2,500 per person| Time of year: October – December

This exciting South American country has plenty to offer for couples seeking a honeymoon rich in culture and adventure.  The top tourist spots for Argentina include Buenos Aires, The Andes mountains, and Córdoba. Honeymooners visiting Argentina can expect day trips to the Andes, exploring nature at the Iguazu Falls, learning the Tango in the heart of Buenos Aires, and wine tours across the vineyards in the countryside. Argentina is definitely a destination to tick off the bucket list and therefore is one of the top honeymoon destinations for 2019.

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9.   Ibiza | Approx Flight Time: 2.25 hours | Average Price: £500 - £1000 per person| Time of year: May – October

Known as an Island with exquisite views and exciting nightlife, Ibiza is making a name for itself as one of the top destinations amongst honeymooners for 2019. The best time of year to visit is between May and October as during this time the weather is warm and dry. Couples visiting Ibiza can expect stunning beaches, boat trips, world class night life, and the finest Spanish cuisine. Ibiza has a more adult scene than the other Spanish islands which makes it perfect for couples wanting to celebrate their honeymoon. All of this combined, Ibiza definitely deserves it’s place on the list of top honeymoon destinations for 2019.

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10. Cape Town | Approx Flight Time: 17 hours | Average Price: £1, 550 - £2, 000 | Time of year : January  - April

Situated in western South Africa, Cape Town is world renowned for its incredible landscape, attractions, and rich history. Honeymooners to this exciting city can expect to climb Table Mountain, get up close with the wild penguins on Boulders beach, go on safari, visit Robben Island which was the prison were Nelson Mandela was incarcerated, go shark cage diving, and go wine tasting in the gorgeous Stellenbosch countryside. Cape Town has something to offer for everyone and is a place that is guaranteed to steal the heart of anyone who visits. Therefore, Cape Town definitely earns it’s place on the list for the top 10 honeymoon destinations for 2019.

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