Fashion & Jewellery 6th April 2023

9 Unique And Memorable Gift Ideas For Groomsmen

A wedding is a special occasion, not just for the couple, but also for their friends and family. Groomsmen play an essential role in the ceremony. They stand by the groom's side and provide support throughout the wedding planning. 

Giving gifts to your groomsmen to say thank you can be meaningful. From personalized items to accessories, there are plenty of gift ideas for groomsmen. The trick is choosing something that stands out and reflects their personality. 

As they helped you pick the best mens rings, it's only practical to select a perfect gift for them. Whether you're looking for something sentimental or valuable, the list below will help you find the ideal gift. So, dive in and find the perfect groomsmen gifts below:

1. Sunglasses

If you have an outdoor wedding, give a pair of sunglasses to your groomsmen. That way, they can have protection and wear something fashionable under the sun. It’s suitable for a wedding photo shoot, ceremony, or party. 

A pair of sunglasses will go perfectly well with a beach wedding. Alternatively, it's also ideal for a Hollywood glamour theme. You can make your groomsmen wear them during photoshoots and make them look dashing.

2. Cologne

There are certain scents that the brain will register and connect to a person or memory. You can use this trick to make your groomsmen remember your day without much effort. You can choose a cologne that best describes your day and give it to your groomsmen. 

Alternatively, you can customize your fragrance and make it unique. It might be a new scent that your groomsmen will come to enjoy and remember you every time they use it.

3. Whiskey Decanter

A whiskey decanter will be the perfect gift if they enjoy drinking whiskey. Whiskey decanters come in unique shapes, sizes, and colors. You can customize them by engraving their names or choosing a design that best describes your friendship. It could be architectural, sporty, or movie related.

4. Map Glass

Another excellent gift idea is a lowball map glass. While any lowball glass works well, giving a personalized item would be better. If your groomsmen live in a different city, provide them with map glasses. You can engrave a map of the town they live in. You can also use your wedding location if you have a destination wedding.

5. Personalized Ammo Cans

A truly unique gift you can give to your groomsmen is ammo cans. If they enjoy hunting, your groomsmen will appreciate ammo cans. But you don't have to fill them with ammo! They can serve as storage options to keep their space neat and organized.

You can also customize ammo cans and turn them into a bottle caddy. That way, they can have something they love in a single item: their love for hunting and beer. You can also have their names engraved or printed on cans. You can make it more appealing by adding a unique hunting design.

6. Custom Tie Bar

There'll always be a situation where one has to wear a suit and tie. While a classic tux would work well, it'll be better if you could help enhance the look further. Adding a tie bar can make everything look sophisticated and classy. 

To make it fancier, you can give them a custom tie bar. Your groomsmen can wear them on your wedding day or on any occasion where it fits. You can even add slim wallets to keep everything fancy.

7. Beer Cap Map

Do you and your friends like to visit different breweries to discover new flavors? If so, you should give them a beer cap map. They can display it in their home or office, making it a unique wall decoration. 

8. Retro Film Camera

There's something nostalgic about giving people a retro film camera. Even if everyone has phones to capture photos, a film camera feels unconventional. You can give your groomsmen an old-fashioned film camera and let them use it to capture your wedding. 

They can take photos with friends and family or use them for adventures. Just ensure you put enough film for them to use as much as they want.

9. Engraved Cufflinks

A cufflink can add style to their wedding attire, making it a perfect accessory. To make it more special, you can customize their cufflinks with a one-of-a-kind design. You can engrave their initials or the wedding date, reminding them of your special day. You can also add a matching cufflink set to blend with them. 


It's challenging to find meaningful gifts for your groomsmen. But with the ideas above, you can have delightful presents for your groomsmen. Depending on their preference, you can give custom ammo cans, tie bars, sunglasses, colognes, lowball glasses, or cufflinks. As you choose the ideal gift, ensure it represents you, the wedding, and your friendship.