Planning 101 22nd July 2014

5 Reasons To Hire A Wedding Planner


Wedding planning
Image Via Polka Dot Bride

No longer a privilege reserved for those with somewhat larger budgets, here are 5 reasons why you should hire a wedding planner!

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    1. Experience – You’re about to part with A LOT of dough. You wouldn’t buy a house without first consulting an estate agent/mortgage lender/industry experts. Extreme comparison we know, but don’t discount the use of the professional eye when it comes to such an big spend.


    1. Contacts! – Many good planners have an actual preferred supplier list, or something of that ilk, containing some secret gems you may have struggled to find on your own. Your planner will hook you up with the right man for the job, and, if they have a good relationship with said man they’ll probably be able to negotiate you a sweet deal! Suppliers like to impress planners so that they’ll use them again.


    1. Enjoy Your Engagement – It may sound extreme but planning a wedding can actually change a person. You think you know yourself, you’re a fairly laid back, reasonable kind of girl, and then BOOM, bridezilla! We honestly know of couples who have broken engagements after the stress of wedding planning. Shocking. If you hire a planner, they take a weight of your shoulders leaving you to enjoy your engagement, and have as much or as little input in the day as you’d like.


    1. Cost Efficient – It’s not as expensive as you may have thought to have your own planner. It’s a common misconception that planners are reserved for the uber rich. In actual fact, most will have packages to suit all budgets, one off fees for venue finding or on-the-day coordination and many work out a package based on a percentage fee of your total budget. Given that they’ll probably also save you a bit of cash when it comes to suppliers, it suddenly becomes a very realistic and cost effective option!


  1. Creativity! – Any planner worth their salt will be brimming with creative ideas beyond your wildest dreams! We’re an industry inundated daily with fresh ideas and fabulous inspiration. Your planner will enrich and encourage your own ideas, all whilst having the ability to actually execute the plan!