Planning 101 1st September 2014

5 Naughty(ish) Hen Do Ideas

The bride has met her Mr perfect (well Mr-close-to--perfect) and she can’t wait to marry him. However, the hen do still needs to happen and well what happens on the hen do stays on the hen do right..? Now I’m not suggesting the bride does anything regrettable before her big day! However, there really is no harm in being innocently naughty before the event. After all, every fun loving bride wants her hen weekend to be memorable and dare I say it… sexy don’t they?

So for all the hens out there who want to indulge in some harmless cheeky amusement before the wedding, here are a few ideas that may tickle your fancy…

Flirt and Seduction Lessons

This is pretty much what it says on the tin. You and your ladies will be comfortably seated for an afternoon of sexy seduction lessons. I’m pretty sure there’s nothing awkward that’s going to involve bananas but your female seduction expert will be teaching you some of the best tips and tricks to get your partner all hot under the collar. So expect class participation and expect laughs and giggles and maybe (in-between all the jokes and blushes) you may actually learn something new…

Burlesque lessons

Make like Dita Von Teese and learn how to sway, shake and shimmy in ways that’ll have you surrounded by adoring fans in no time. Considered to be both fun and a little bit cheeky (pun intended) this dance style has been going since the 1940s. For those nervous about nudity, rest at ease. Because burlesque is about empowerment and the art of teasing rather than stripping and this activity will see you playing with props (think feather boas, fans…) and learning some wiggle worthy moves that would make past Burlesque starlets proud.

Nude Life Drawing

This is not a pot of flowers or a bowl of fruit. This is a hot chiselled man standing stark naked infront of you and your girls whilst you get busy sketching with a pencil. Great fun and oddly very popular, this is definitely something that the girls will remember for months to come and makes for a great ice breaker. You normally get given a glass of bubbly during the event (don’t quote me on that though) which goes towards calming the nerves (but sadly doesn’t really help with the blushing!)


Pretty much a hen party classic, the hunky male stripper is a long standing tradition and one that would be criminal to leave off the list! Far from seedy and dodgy, modern male strip shows lean more towards the funny side and are respectful and polite to hen parties. Not convinced? Well maybe opt to go see a show (where there will be lots of other hen parties) rather than hire a stripper to come to your house. There are several different companies to choose from… Butlers in the buff to Adonis Cabaret and even if some girls will claim that it’s totally “not their cup of tea” I find that most people end up really enjoying this hen activity regardless.

Pole Dancing

Speaking of strippers many people think that pole dancing is only reserved for them, however in recent years it has been heralded as a great form of exercise as it really focuses on your core muscles. Besides anything that encourages fitness without sweating buckets is a bonus right? Can’t be sweating like in the hen party photos after all, plus there’ll great music on and you’ll be surrounded by all your girls and a female instructor who will make you feel at ease and safe. I urge you to give it go, you may be surprised by how much you actually enjoy it.