Planning 101 13th April 2016

20 Questions To Ask When Choosing Your Wedding Venue

So you've fallen in love with a wedding venue, you can picture your grand entrance, you're imagining all the insta worthy photo opps, and on paper, they tick all of your boxes. Hurray! But before you go charging in, deposit cheque in hand, and make the booking, there are a few questions you might not have thought of, which we think you should ask...

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horwood house, wedding venues, questions for your venue, wedding ideas

Horwood House, Buckinghamshire

1. Will there be any other events happening that day?

You may be the only wedding, but will other guests be staying in the venue? 

2. Which areas of the venue will we have access to?

Or more importantly, will you NOT have access to?

3. Is there a room available for us to get ready in?

Somewhere well lit, well mirrored and safe to store all your gear.

thornbury castle, wedding venues, questions for your wedding venue
Thornbury Caste, Gloucestershire

4. What time can we play music until?

Sometimes you can stay in the venue until midnight, but music needs to finish by 11pm, make sure you check the rules!

5. Are there any additional charges we don't know about?

Such as service charges, extra licences, and VAT.

6. Is there parking available for our guests?

And can they leave their cars overnight if they have a few too many?

7. Can we choose our own suppliers? Or do you have a preffered supplier list? 

Sometimes extra charges are incurred for bringing in suppliers NOT on their list.

stanmer house, proud country house, proud, wedding venues, wedding venue questions
Proud Country House, East Sussex

8. What decorations, if any, are included?

Perhaps the venue has table cloths, candelabras and the odd bay tree knocking around you're welcome to use.

9. Is it possible to extend our hours with a late licence? 

And party late into the night? YES!

10. Are there any noise level restrictions?

Just how loud can your band get before the party gets shut down?

11. Is there a cloakroom for guests?

Having somewhere secure to keep coats and overnight bags would be a huge bonus!

st ermin's hotel, wedding venues, wedding venues questions

St Ermin's Hotel, London

12. Do you have PA equipment we can use? 

There's nothing worse than not being able to hear the speeches!

13. How long before the wedding will we have access to set up? 

Often, you can't actually access your venue until the morning of the wedding. This could impact your decor plans.

14. When do all decorations need to be taken down by?

If there's a wedding taking place the day after yours, all your decorations may need removing immediately after the party.

15. What's your cancellation policy?

Just in case!

leez priory, wedding venue, wedding venue questions

Leez Priory, Essex 

16. Do you have a wet weather plan?

Drinks on the terrace are delightful, but we are in the UK here people!

17. Is a menu tasting included in the price?

If the venue is providing the catering, you're going to want to test it!

18. What's the plan for room changeovers? 

Using the same room for the reception as the ceremony? Who will handle the changeover?

19. How accessable is your venue for the elderly/disabled?

Practical questions...

20. Are there any discounts available for selected dates?

Always worth asking, you never know!

bodelian library, university of oxford, wedding venue, wedding venue questions
Bodleian Library, Oxford