Fashion & Jewellery 3rd April 2024

10 of the Best Wedding Dress Trends for 2024

From pretty bows, appliqué flowers and feathered edges, to clean lines, statement necklines and billowing trouser pants, 2024 is the year of embracing all things pretty, alternative and sophisticated. 

Below we’ve listed just some of our favourite wedding dress trends for 2024 to help you find the perfect dress for you. 

1. Bows


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Covering everything from delicate little ribbons to large dramatic bows, we’ll forever be obsessed with the addition of bows on wedding dresses. This year has seen a resurgence of them following last year’s love of Balletcore and heels from the likes of Loeffler Randall, and they’re set to be an integral part of the structure of dresses in 2024. 

2. Structured Shapes 

structured shapes

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Chic and shapely, more structured dresses are always a glamorous choice and often feature the loveliest fabrics. This year expect the addition of boned corsets and large floral motifs to be part of the overall trend for something a little more maximalist.

3. Appliqué Flowers 

applique flowers

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A pretty addition to any wedding dress, appliqué flowers are delicate fabric flowers that are attached to the main structure of the dress. With options that range from lots of lovely little flowers dotted across the full dress to larger singular flowers taking centre stage, this is a trend that can be tailored to lots of different brides. 

4. Colour 

coloured dresses

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From pastel pinks and dreamy blues to white dresses featuring colourful floral embroidery, this is the year to embrace a touch of colour through your wedding dress. If you don’t fancy doing the full dress, then channelling the trend through the bridal veil is another great option. 

5. Detailed Veils 

feather veil

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Speaking of veils, they’re also having their moment this year. Such a lovely way to add fun and character to your dress, expect veils to be dotted in pearls, feather trimmed and playing with all sorts of proportions. 

6. Jumpsuit Dresses and Separate Trousers 


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Wedding jumpsuits have been taken up a notch this year in both style and function. A really popular trend right now is to have a jumpsuit that features large billowy trousers that look similar to a skirt. A number of clever designers are making these as separates so they can be worn for the day and changed out of in the evening or visa versa. 

7. Mini Dress

Mini Dress

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Always a fun and cool option, mini dresses used to just be a popular evening dress trend but are now becoming a well loved option for the main event. It’s a great choice for more informal nuptials and weddings abroad where temperatures are expected to be high. There’s a number of different styles out there to suit every bride, from puff ball and feathered skirts to heavily embellished designs. 

8. Feathers 

feathered wedding dress

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From fringed edges to skirts covered in micro feathers, we love how the addition of feathers brings a real fun and whimsical feel to the day. Adding a lovely texture and playfulness to wedding gowns, a key trend for 2023 is having feathers applied in a lace style floral pattern. 

9. Classic Clean Lines 

clean lines

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From elegant necklines to modern silhouettes, contemporary dresses that feature classic clean lines often focus heavily on chic structures and beautiful silky fabrics. Key to this minimalist and quiet luxury trend is the lack of embellishments, letting the finer details of the dress truly take centre stage. 

10. High Necklines and Halternecks 


Often a popular choice in line with the aforementioned key trend, high necklines and halter necks will forever create an elegant and flattering look. Expect asymmetrical necklines, cut outs and fully laced sleeves to accompany these designs.