Fashion & Jewellery 31st August 2016

How To Create Vintage Hollywood Waves

Hollywood waves, hairstlyes

It's a look much favoured by celebs on the red carpet, a classic, timeless hairstlye which we see time and time again. Vintage hollywood waves also makes the most glamorous of bridal looks, suiting many styles of dress and flattering every face shape. 

Love this look but not sure you have the hair for it? Clip in hair extensions have come a long way in the past few years, and now give you the versatility to recreate any long hairstyle in a natural and seamfree way.

Today on the blog we have Lush Hair Extensions with a handy tutorial video, and step by step guide, to recreating the vintage hollywood waves look yourself. 

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What you’ll need:

●      Clip-in hair extensions

●      A sectioning comb

●      A hairbrush

●      Clips for sectioning

●      Curling wand 

To apply your extensions

1. Create a section low down on the back of your head and tease the roots.

2. Clip your first weft into your teased roots.

3. Create another section just above this and repeat with your next weft, remembering to tease the roots.

4. Continue until all of your wefts are in place.


To create vintage Hollywood waves

1. Create a side parting and, starting on the side with less hair, pick up sections that are a mix of your natural hair and your extensions.

2. Curl the hair away from you face by placing the wand behind the hair and then wrapping it backwards around the wand.

3. Continue curling away from you face until you reach the centre of the back of your head.

4. Now start curling towards your face by placing the wand in front of your hair and wrapping it forwards around the wand.

5. Continue curling towards your face until all of your hair is curled.

6. Spray lightly with hairspray and, once set, gently brush through your curls.

7. Your curls will start to merge together and become smoother. This is what gives you the vintage Hollywood look.

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