Planning 101 21st April 2024

Charming Personalised Wedding Gift Ideas to Wow Newlyweds and Guests

When you’re planning for such a uniquely special day as a wedding, from the marriage ceremony to the lively party afterwards, there’s often lots to consider and that includes finding suitable gifts.

But when those gifts come with great care and thought, you can make them deeply personal for everyone attending, whether it’s the couple tying the knot or the folks who will be attending this happy celebration.

What Makes Custom Wedding Gifts So Special?

If you can add personal thoughts and messages to your gifts, including the name of the recipients and referencing the occasion, those gifts take on an entirely new and unique meaning. When your gifts are for weddings and marriage celebrations, they also contribute towards the special sense of occasion. After all, it’s not every day that someone gets married.

Personalised Gifts That Are Also Practical

Across North America it’s often customary to buy newlyweds practical and everyday items, which they will undoubtedly find useful in their shared new life together. Generally, these tends to be items they can use in the marital home.

The only problem with this idea is that quite often, the couple might end up receiving multiples of the same gift, unless there’s a coordinated effort between family and friends. After all, there’s only so many toasted sandwich makers or coffee machines a couple can use.

Nevertheless, when you’re buying personalised gift items, they become unique and individual, and that also means there’s much less of a chance they are duplicated by anyone else. And if those items can be kept close, such as in a pocket or purse, they’re always handy.

To provide you with some insights and inspirations, crafts delightfully personalized gifts that are ideal for weddings or any special occasion you’re celebrating, making it possible to add your own custom touches to items for the big day. 

Great ideas can range from simple yet endearing named keychains to custom designed wallets, featuring the names or monograms of the happy couple, even handcrafted leather bookmarks featuring special messages.

Items for Adding to the Special Sense of Occasion

If you’re willing to think outside the box a little, certain wedding gift ideas can add to the sense of occasion, adding to the atmosphere and ambience of the event itself.

We found these cute, personalised place cards at for wedding events, customized with caricatures to represent each of the attendees, making every invited guest feel just as special as the couple getting ready to take their marriage vows.

There are more simple décor ideas, of course, including things like custom table adornments or balloons and flyers, each featuring the names of the couple getting married.

However, if you’re looking for custom décor ideas that really stand out from the crowds, think about getting a specially made wooden sign for the occasion, featuring the name of the couple, welcoming guests to the marriage ceremony or the party location afterwards.

You can even get beautifully crafted wooden pens, engraved with their names, and these will look really stylish in photos capturing that special moment.

Gifts You Can Hand to Wedding Day Attendees


Another custom that has become popular in recent decades, and in most countries around the world, gifting commemorative items at weddings makes everyone invited feel part of the special occasion.

Really, the list is endless when it comes to gifts you can hand out to wedding day attendees, but recently published more than 50 ideas, giving readers plenty of options to consider for wedding favors, as they’re often called in the United States.

Some of the popular choices include consumable items such as custom chocolate bars and jellybeans, mini bottles of limoncello or jars of honey. So, there’s plenty of ways you could add a foody-themed element to the gifts for attendees.

Another growing choice – if you’ll excuse the obvious pun – is plants and flowers. Just as the newlyweds will be hoping for a relationship that continues to grow, they can hand out stylish little plants for their guests to take home. 

And of course, don’t forget that if you’re going to hand out gifts for everyone attending a wedding, think about getting custom logo gift bags or tote bags. These can feature custom logos and text to commemorate the special day.