Guests 20th October 2022

8 Wedding Guest Book Alternatives You Have Never Seen Before

Wedding guestbooks are a common sight in today’s weddings and receptions. Though it’s not a new thing but creativity and innovation have made the idea of guestbooks a lot trendier today. Earlier, the guestbooks were used to be placed near a gift or card table, and this was an amazing way to remember everybody who attended the special day. It was a customary yet timeless present. Today, no doubt the feelings are the same but the way to express them has changed.  Nowadays, guestbooks mean something innovative, which can be treasured for years. 

So, here are some trendy alternatives that couples can pick against traditional wedding guest books and make their day even more memorable.  

Polaroid guest book

It will be taking weeks for your professional photography team to edit your wedding pictures and add them to an album. But these can be done instantly too. A polaroid guestbook is a perfect pick for couples who cannot wait to reminisce about their wedding day. Further to amp up things, you can arrange a photo booth along with it for a DIY photo session and of course, a DIY guest book.  

Typewriter guest book alternative 

This one is certainly a great pick if you want to bring in a touch of vintage-ness to your wedding and reception. Couples are seeking out innovative ways in which their day can be remembered by both them as well as their guests. With the idea of a typewriter guest book in place, things can be made more interesting where guests can type and leave a message for the newlyweds.  After that, all the messages can be carefully collated in an album as a memory forever.  

Wedding Video guestbook 

The latest in the race is the video guestbook. These are very easy to create and fun. A treasure trove of memories that couples can always sit back and enjoy throughout their life! Wedding Video guestbooks are a digital version of age-old customary guestbooks that comes with a twist. The guests simply need to scan a QR code and record their heartfelt wishes over a video, that’s it. There is no app or login required, and no special arrangements to set up a booth or arrange for a videographer. It can be done in seconds right from your phone at the reception venue itself. It makes a priceless gift for any couple-to-be. 

Snail mail display

This all started with the tradition of couples wanting the guests to leave them behind with some handwritten memories about their special day. None would have imagined that this would soon turn out to be a tradition. Now couples prefer to pen down their thoughts on handwritten notes and place them on the tables of their attendees. This encouraged the guests to write notes back to the couple and place them in an envelope. This envelope is in turn stuck onto a board meant for snail mailing. A unique idea, isn’t it? 

Painted globe guest book

There must be innumerable memories of how you met each other for the first time. You might have crossed paths at a cafe or might have attended the same university or classes or you might have met your better half on a tour across the globe. If travel and tour are the crux of your meet-up, then you can easily incorporate this guestbook idea into your reception plan. A globe guest book will serve as a travel guide for you where your guests can add suggestions for the best places to travel and so much more.  It will make a beautiful decor item in your new home.  

Audio guest book with vintage telephones 

The reception parties are where most couples want to give out their best to the guests. They normally look ahead for out-of-the-box ideas to make the guests and attendees feel at home and good. And, audio guestbooks with vintage telephones are something that not everybody will decide upon. The guests can come and use the phone to convey their best wishes to the couple. The wedding reception will end with voice recordings of their guests, which they can listen to for years to come.  

Quilt guest book

A masterpiece of creativity and thoughtfulness, the quilt guest book is an idea to take forward. While most of the people around are indulged in bringing the obvious for their guests at the reception parties, this is something you can try and be assured that others around aren’t trying a lot. A fun, unique and easy guestbook idea where all you need to do is hang a quilt firmly across a wall of the venue. Couples will be coming in and writing their thoughts and wishes on it using a fabric marker, which can then be preserved for years as the best memory of the special day. 

Illustrated picture of a dog as an alternative to a guest book

If you as a couple own a dog, you know how important they are going to be in your wedding. You almost cannot think of your special day without your baby and would like to incorporate them into your big day in some way or the other. One such great way is to get your wedding cards illustrated with your dog on them and have the guests sign the card. This will definitely make a cherished memory for any dog lover.

So, these were some of the never-seen-before guestbook ideas that can make their way to your wedding and reception, leaving a long-lasting impression. Time to implement them and sweep your guests off their feet.