Themes & Colours 1st February 2024

20 Wedding Concepts Perfect for Every Taste

Choose your wedding theme like a breeze in your style journey. Whether it's love, warmth, or chic vibes, it's all part of the delightful fun. Consider your venue and the weather, and here's a secret: blend themes for a charming, personalized celebration.

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And for an extra dose of dress inspiration, check out Pretty Moment! Alright, get ready for 23 wedding themes to suit any style!


Majestic-themed weddings, inspired by the charm of Bridgerton, bring a dash of opulence with grand venues, lush fabrics, princess-worthy gowns, and an abundance of flowers. 


Romantic weddings? Think soft hues, twinkling lights, and blooming scenes. Pastels, starry lights, whimsical calligraphy, and a floral burst make the dreamy vibe complete.


Ditching the usual wedding vibes? Embrace the alternative theme with cool, moody colors and unique twists. Break the rules and make it uniquely yours!


Add vintage charm to your wedding vibe. Rock retro outfits, incorporate antique touches in the ceremony, and make a grand exit in style with a classic ride, like an old-school Porsche or vintage Volkswagen.


For a hip, modern wedding, think sleek lines, funky shapes, and simplicity. Add a fresh twist to your dress or keep venue decor simple with sleek seats, a structured backdrop, or a muted color scheme to capture the vibe.


For a laid-back and crafty vibe, go rustic! String lights, mason jars, twine, lace, and wood create a cozy, down-to-earth feel. If you love DIY and dream of a chill, homey wedding, rustic décor is your jam.

Backyard Bash

Opt for a garden get-together wedding style, ideal for warmer weather. It's all about vibrant blooms, lush foliage, and stylish table settings—especially with a view of beautiful, fragrant flower beds!


For carefree vibes, a bohemian wedding is perfect. Imagine an effortlessly cool dress, and keep the venue casually elegant with oriental rugs, cozy pillows, or hanging macramé for laid-back charm.


Desert-themed wedding got that chill boho vibe mixed with a touch of the southwest. The venue is the star, cozy earthy tones, some cool mid-century architecture, and loads of cacti and pampas grass adding that extra touch. 

Southern Elegance

Planning a Southern-inspired wedding? Let that charm shine with comfort food, bourbon cocktails, monograms, and Southern hospitality for your guests.


Go all in with fancy table setups, a proper sit-down feast, fancy seating, fancy flower arrangements, and, of course, a fancy head table.


Art Deco is like throwing a Great Gatsby-inspired party for your wedding. It's got those classy fonts, fancy gold elements, a sprinkle of bling, and loads of sharp geometric shapes (kind of like the modern vibe). 


For a beachy ceremony, whether at the family lake or a destination bash, go nautical with blue and white vibes, stripes, and seaside touches for awesome maritime flair! 


Green wedding? Opt for biodegradable confetti, table plants instead of fancy flowers, and invites on recycled paper. Choose an outdoor spot if it's chilly for eco-vibes without compromising on details.


Celestial love story? Let it sparkle in your wedding theme. Your dress can nail that cosmic vibe. Think constellation guest book, galaxy cake, and an otherworldly backdrop. Aim for the stars – the sky's not the limit here!


Who needs a beach when you can rock an awesome tropical-themed wedding anywhere? Just load up on plants (think palm fronds and vibrant flowers), keep things chill with laid-back decor, and make sure there's a beachy signature cocktail in hand. 


Preppy style means vibrant pinks, greens, and navy blues—ideal for nautical or Southern vibes. Mix formality with a playful twist using lively patterns, cute bows, delicate fonts, and happy flowers.


Imagine festive decorations, escort cards doubling as ornaments, and warm winter cocktails. Pray for snow, crank up "All I Want for Christmas Is You," give out candy canes or Santa hats as favors, and you're set!


Forget boring table numbers—pick your fave destinations instead. Get loved ones to sign a globe instead of a guestbook. When it comes to gifts, your crew will totally get why a honeymoon fund beats a regular registry any day.


Whether it's booking libraries or bookstores as venues or getting creative with vintage books and beloved pages as décor, there's a bunch of cool ways to let the magic of written words take center stage in your happily-ever-after.