Edelweiss Dress

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The Edelweiss flower came to symbolise true and eternal love; with tales of mountain climbers collecting these precious alpine flowers from cliff edges of ice. Often known as the ‘eternal flower’ the name is perfectly fitting for the eternal, timeless elegance of the Edelweiss dress. Ethereal glamour and Greek goddess simplicity is channelled in this beautifully draped silk double satin gown. The drape of the bodice panels wrap through one another, which continues on to the shoulder and down the back for this delightful wowfactor moment of drapery, further enhanced as the bride walks and the shoulder tie billows beautifully behind. The embellished asymmetric strap embroidery references the ancient Greek and Roman tradition of sheaths of wheat, sprigs of ivy or aromatic herbs as a wedding bouquet; with a minimalist vine-like arrangement of crystal clasps neatly tessellating over the shoulder. Offered in white.

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