Themes & Colours 15th March 2024

12 of our Favourite Wedding Trends for 2024

Whilst researching the various trends for 2024, we loved seeing how many of them were about really having fun with the day and making choices that feel amazing to you two as a couple. As the years go by, we’re noticing such a trend towards the formalities of a wedding drifting away, and them being structured in a way that suits the more laidback modern-day couple.

Below we’ve listed 12 of our favourite trends to watch for this year and beyond…

1. Colour Pop Weddings 

colour pop weddings

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Colourful weddings are back in a big way and we’re so here for it. The perfect way to bring personality to any wedding space, expect lots of colour blocking palettes, warm neutral tones with flashes of colour and unexpected colour clashes. Seasons like Spring and Summer lend themselves wonderfully well to colourful weddings, with such a variety of bright blooms available. 

2. Maximalist and Fun Decor 

maximalist wedding

When a wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, it’s the best reason to be that little bit extra! From feathers, fringing and bright bold colours to oversized floral arrangements and gold gilding, there are so many fun ways to bring maximalism into your wedding decor. 

3. Curves 


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From curvy tops to pretty scalloped and wiggled edge stationery, this is the year to really embrace fluid and fun lines to add a real sense of personality. Inspired by the likes of Matilda Goad and her famous scalloped edgings, its actually a really great way to style your wedding on a budget. Try adding a pretty hand-painted edge to your simple wedding stationery to really transform the look. 

4. Wedding Newspapers 

wedding newspaper

With more couples choosing to do full wedding weekends either in the UK or abroad, it provides the loveliest opportunity to create bespoke wedding newspapers to tell your guests all about the weekend’s events. Couples often include lots of cute photos, the odd word search or crossword, the story of how they met and a run down of the schedule - it’s the perfect opportunity to get creative! If you’re all staying in the same place, then these can be left in the rooms for arrival or be placed on the seats at the ceremony. 

5. Destination Weddings 

destination weddings

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Clearly not a new trend but one that is still getting increasingly popular, destination weddings are going nowhere. From the almost guaranteed sun to the more affordable prices for spectacular venues, food and drink, they’re pretty hard to resist. Our sister site has an abundance of articles to check out on some of the best wedding venues across the world.

6. Town Hall Weddings 

town hall weddings

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As many weddings become more intimate and laidback, lots of couples are leaning towards having a chic and informal town hall wedding ceremony, before celebrating with their wedding party. Some choose to just have their nearest and dearest in attendance, others invite everyone - it’s entirely up to you as a couple. 

7. Photography Trends

Photography trends

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As wedding trends change over the years, so does how couples want their wedding to be captured. Not just restricted to weddings, the trend for cool, more retro photography is becoming increasingly popular, as we see people embrace film photography, flash photography and black and white photos throughout our Instagram feeds. Fitting perfectly with the candid aesthetic, it brings a real sense of fun and glamour to a wedding. 

8. Audio Guestbooks 

Audio Guestbooks

Whilst we all have good intentions to write in the guestbook at a wedding, it’s fair to say very few of us actually get round to doing it. This is where retro audio guestbooks come in! Featuring a vintage telephone, guests are able to pick up the phone, record a lovely, fun and potentially slightly rude message for you that then gets compiled with all the others, to create a wonderful keepsake for the bride and groom. 

9. Black Tie Weddings 

black tie weddings

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The epitome of glamour, black tie just oozes sophistication and really takes weddings up a notch. It’s not every day that we get to be glammed up, so a wedding is the perfect opportunity to embrace this look. 

10. Mismatched Bridesmaid Dresses 

mismatched bridesmaid dresses

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Over the years the trends have moved us more towards bridesmaid dresses that are in one colour but various different shapes and styles to suit each person individually. This year sees things graduate from this with many brides picking one colour and having their bridesmaids choose their own pattern, shade, style within this. Creating a wonderfully textured look within photos, it also lets each bridesmaid really embrace their own vibe. 

11. Ribbons and Bows 

Ribbons and Bows

The perfect accessory to a number of different aspects of the wedding, from dresses and flowers to tablescapes and hair, ribbons and bows are really having a moment to shine right now. The key to this trend is essentially going a little over the top with it and really embrace having them in lots of different places, and often in abundance too.  

12. The ‘Mum Do’ 

the mum do

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Dubbed the ‘Mum Do’, brides are now choosing to do two separate hen dos - one with their close girl mates and another with just the mums, aunties and grandparents that feel a little more relaxed and wholesome. Think afternoon teas, spa days, cookery classes and lovely dinners. It’s a great way to spend quality time with just the women in the family and properly introduce everyone to each other too.