Sweetness & Light

We make personalised scented candles, perfect for your wedding decor, as favours, table decor and thank you gifts. email: [email protected]

We have four sizes of candles to cater to your dream wedding needs. Mini and Small - perfect for favours. Medium and Large - idea for table candles and Thank You gifts. You can personalise these with quotes, biblical script, wedding date and even make each individual favour bespoke with your guests names.

They will add the elegant touch to your wedding table as they can double as the favour and the place name. You can choose to add a lid in silver, brass or rose gold to fit your wedding theme.

Most important is the scent. We will help you choose the perfect scent to remember your wedding by. You can either choose to have a personal scent consultation or we will send you a set of 4 scent testers so you can decide which you prefer.

A personal consultation will be at Sweetness & Light where we will spend time talking about you and your Fiancee, we will get to know what you like and what you have planned for your big wedding day.

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