Gift Boxed Hand Cream - SW06

Sniffy Wiffy

Apply a small dollop to hands as often as needed for super-smooth, sniffable skin! A little goes a long way!

A super-moisturising yet incredibly non-greasy hand cream which has proved effective on all skin types.

The Sniffy Wiffy range is all about going ‘back-to-basics’ - ditching the nasties that plague many of today’s products, while at the same time offering really effective skincare that our customers love and want to smother themselves in again and again!

Sniffy Wiffy Hand Cream is made using only 5 ingredients (4 if you prefer fragrance-free, which is always an option). Based on nourishing olive oil, which your hands will gratefully lap-up, and jam-packed with hydrating spring water, the result is a non-greasy cream (yes! Despite the olive oil!), which moisturises beautifully. With almost 30 wiffs to choose from, you can keep both your hands and your nose happy!

Operating as a Social Enterprise, we want Sniffy Wiffy to sprinkle a little bit of sparkle as it navigates its way into bathrooms everywhere. We therefore donate 10p from the sale of every product to charity and reinvest the rest directly into the Sniffy Wiffy mission of increasing the number of ladies who know about – and self-check for – the signs and symptoms of breast cancer. Please see our Body Lotions, Scrubs and Hair & Body Wash which contain our innovative breast check labels.

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