Trainloop is a unique and simply elegant solution, making it easy for a bride to hook or bustle up her wedding dress train. It's made with Swarovski crystals and pearls and simply attaches to a wedding dress with no sewing needed.

I've spent most of my life creating bespoke bridal gowns, stitching on a variety of buttons and loops, hooks and eyes and ribbons to bustle up the train.
Until, one day, I came up with an easy solution .
The trainloop can be attached to your wedding dress throughout the day or simply attached when needed, for your first dance, for instance.
Just hook up your wedding dress train and release back down whenever you wish.
If you are unsure if a trainloop will work on your dress, please just get in touch with an image or link of your dress and we will let you know. We can also advise on the best placement too.

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