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Bentley Garment Care are the nations leading wedding dress cleaners with over 50 years experience. We will clean & restore your dress to its original beauty & then package it into your choice of personalised storage box, wrapped in acid free tissue for safe keeping and to avoid ageing & fading.

  • Bentley Garment Care - Wedding Supplier
  • Bentley Garment Care - Wedding Supplier
  • Bentley Garment Care - Wedding Supplier
  • Bentley Garment Care - Wedding Supplier
  • Bentley Garment Care - Wedding Supplier

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We use gentle but effective specialist hand cleaning techniques, first we will examine your dress for any stains and blemishes, and make note of any necessary repairs.

We can clean all wedding dresses, even those labelled as Specialist Dry Clean, Spot Clean and even those that state ‘Do Not Dry Clean’.It is imperative that your dress is professionally cleaned by experts to ensure that it is treated in the correct way.

Our methods will ensure that all fabrics remain preserved and undamaged, such as delicate lace, silk, organza, beading and diamanté. Once cleaned and restored to its original beauty we will package your wedding dress into your choice of personalised storage box, wrapped in acid free tissue for safe keeping to avoid ageing and fading. You cherish your gown... and we cherish our brides!

We pride ourselves on our reputation for quality, personal service and expertise.

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I have been using Bentley Garment Care for the last 4 years and wouldn’t send my dresses anywhere else. The quality of their work and the results they achieve far out weigh any dry cleaner I have used in the past. I have always been exceptionally happy with my dresses once returned and would recommend their service to all of my brides.

We have been sending all of our dresses to Bentley Garment care for more than 5 years and have always been 100% happy with the results. We are confident with sending them any style of dress and find their expertise and background within the theatrical industry particularly evident in our extremely delicate and very detailed gowns. Bentley Garment Care offers the highest standard of professional wedding dress cleaning with outstanding results.

After having sent my dress to a dry cleaner locally to me I was devastated to receive it back with dirty looking watermarks all over it, only to be told that it was a fault of the material. Having researched who may have been able to rectify the problem I came across Bentley Garment Care, who were fantastic from day one. They kept me in the loop at all times and explained what they would do, how they would do it. To make things even better the collection and deliver was free of charge. Bentley managed to salvage the damage that had been done by the previous company and I cannot thank them or recommend them enough.

Bentley were fantastic from start to finish. My dress looks like new and is now in pride of place in a beautiful box in my dressing room.

I am so glad I found Bentley. Having spent a great deal of my savings on the dress of my dreams, I was naturally very reluctant to let it out of my sight. Claire at Bentley was fantastic and gave me the reassurance I needed to hand my dress over. Within a week my dress was back and the results were amazing… It looked like it did the day I bought it! Thank you Bentley!!

Bentley exceeded all my expectations. If you are thinking of having your special garment cleaned, this is the only place to go.

Bentley Garment Care is our preferred dry cleaners and we have always been impressed with how they have looked after all of our dresses. We have such a wide range of designers, Ian Stuart, Eliza Jane Howell, La Sposa Pronovias, Lou Lou and Blue to name a few and feel extremely confident that Bentley Garment Care get the best results.

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I had a disappointing experience with Bentley Garment Care. I bought my wedding dress second hand and needed it cleaned prior to my event next April, so there was no immediate rush. However, after letting me know that my dress arrived safely and an initial discussion about some repairs needed to the lace bodice, they never got in touch with me unless I chased them for information. They started the repair work without having consulted me regarding price and only let me know when it was already half done. At that stage I did not have much choice but to proceed. They had a lot of internal communication issues and they did not return calls or emails when promised or let me know when my dress was ready. They were apologetic and I hoped the quality of the work would make the previous headache irrelevant. A month after it was first picked up I received my dress back and while it was clean, the bodice still has loose threads and embellishments, and more seriously the tulle layers of the skirt have shrunk/retracted to several inches shorter than the silk underskirt, which looks ridiculous. Luckily I'll be having my dress significantly shortened, but if I wasn't planning further alterations and had intended this to be the last work before wearing, it would be ruined. I went to Bentley Garment Care because they claim to offer a personal service and had such positive reviews, but unfortunately this did not match the service I received at all.

I wanted to balance my earlier review after speaking to Claire at Bentley today. She had been out of the office and so unable to get in touch with me earlier. While the issues with the dress are undeniable and obviously internal problems occurred, Claire has been very apologetic and has offered Bentley's assistance in getting the dress fixed. It sounds like my experience,while unfortunate, is the exception to their norm and they have taken that seriously. It's also worth noting that the repair work that was done to the bodice was good quality and has made a big difference, it's just a shame that some of the threads and embellishments that could not be addressed weren't discussed before the dress was returned. Claire seemed genuinely very keen to make up for the problems I've had and get my dress into good condition for my big day which, for me, has restored a lot of faith.


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